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Utah Pizza Company


Locally Sourced

Real Artisan Pizza in Utah

Our mission is to provide you the best experience for your event! Our customers will experience unbelievable pizza that brings all of their senses together. Our goal is to entertain and delight by providing a visual, taste, and cultural experience.


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THe Taste of Utah

We source all of our ingredients from local Utah farms, artisans,  and local Italian importers. We offer Real Pizza. Locally Sourced.

We want to give you a taste of history, ingredients, and culture that’ll be different than anything else you have experienced.

Good Things Come To Those Who Eat

The best things come with time. Our pizza dough takes 48 hours to rest in order to bring out the amazing flavor of the crust. It is also much healthier and easier to digest than fast-food pizza; or as we call it "fake pizza."

Utah Pizza Company




Utah Pizza Company LLC.
Saratoga Springs, Utah


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